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Who Does EAO Represent?
In every profession, there is a select group of individuals who truly live for what they do and who they wish to become. Both personally and professionally.
They have the same fears, same doubts and they too are very much daunted by what the future holds… yet they take charge of their life, they invest in their future and they do what it takes to realize their aspirations.

At EAO we call this group the 1% club. A club with no hierarchy, purely a group of like minded Executive and Personal Assistants that each share the same commonality; a thirst to excel, to evolve and to inspire in a profession that they wish to master.
EAO is the epicenter for such individuals. The 1%!

EAO Creates the 1%

EAO is not for every EA.

The organization has one purpose: To awaken the leader within each and every member. Our curriculum is designed for career development and our audience are those geared towards personal growth, sharing knowledge and aspiring to become influential in both the workplace and in their community.

EAO is a platform in which this extraordinary group of assistants can reach every ounce of their potential by means of continued education, exclusive events, peer networking with like minded individuals, dedicated mentors, lessons in leadership.

Does this ring true for you?

The role of an EA is one that requires resourcefulness, creativity, and immediate action at a moment’s notice. The word “demanding” barely encompasses the extent of this position in all its entirety.

Let’s face it: An EA’s role is to organize chaos and to solve issues, most of which seem impossible when presented. Yet, as professional and calm as ever, we accept the challenge and relieve the executive’s anxiety with those three poetic, magical words; “I got this!”

Little do they know that beneath our calm super-hero exterior, our feet are paddling curiously to stay afloat as even the thought of sinking is simply not an option. We must save the day, we must prove ourselves, and we must remain indispensable!

Albeit, it’s a fact in an EA’s world that we are working so hard there is barely any time to step back and think, question, bounce ideas off your peers, or get wise counsel from an experienced mentor.

The beauty of EAO is that we are your trusted loyal council. At any point in time, we are here for you and it is our ultimate goal to serve you at your time of need. Behind Every Leader is brought to you by Executive Assistants Organization. We are here for you when you need us, and even when you don’t.

EAO ROI – Invest in Your Future

Annual membership provides immediate access to the following resources:

  • Unlimited access to your dedicated EAO team
  • Access to a Global Network of your Fellow 1% MEMBERS
  • Devoted Mentor
  • Cutting Edge Curriculum
  • Preferred Vendors Program
  • Confiding Member Program
  • Peer Networking
  • EAO Member Forum
  • VIP Rates for Behind Every Leader Conferences

What makes EAO special is our dedication to each and every member. No matter how large or small, the EAO team will drop everything and work together to find a solution to a member’s issue. Having built an inordinate network of global connections, we have one of the most powerful resources at our fingertips.
No matter where in the world, we will work relentlessly to assist an EAO member.

Cutting Edge Curriculum
In addition to providing members with an extensive array of EA/PA fundamentals, we pride ourselves in our custom curriculum – requested by the EAO members.
Webinars and podcasts are available to EAO members once per month in addition to our live workshops with guest speakers at the local EAO Chapter events.

EAO’s training is created and facilitated by industry experts and speakers of the highest caliber. We strive to continually curate a cutting edge curriculum including the latest and greatest in technology, industry news, communication skills and leadership.

Access to a Global Network of your fellow 1% Members

EAO is an organization of local chapters on a global scale. Members have the privilege to connect with each other by means of EAO’s:

  • Online Forum
  • Chapter Events
  • Confiding Member Program
  • Preferred Vendor Program
  • EAO Job Board
  • EAO Member Forums
  • VIP Rate for Behind Every Leader Conferences

Devoted Mentor

“Why create mediocre when you can steal genius?” ~ Steve Jobs

Every great leader in this world became who they are due to who they surrounded themselves with.
Mentors are a pinnacle part of an individual’s evolution.
At EAO, we pair each and every member with their very own mentor. During the introductory call, the EAO team asks all the right questions to decipher what the member is looking for in a mentor prior to selecting the best fit. We then schedule a call with the member and the mentor to seed the relationship.
Each month, the member has access to their mentor by means of phone, email, LinkedIn and when schedules align, face to face meetings.

EAO Introductory Call

Upon joining the organization, every member undergoes a comprehensive introductory call, in which they virtually meet the EAO CEO, the EA to the CEO, and the EAO Chapter Leader/s. After this inaugural conversation, members receive full contact info from every participant of the call. Members have the authority to contact us at any time, for any reason. The EAO team is always at the disposal of our members.

So what are you waiting for? The next chapter of your career is waiting.


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